Book on creating a Telegram bot

As you may know I have written two quite popular posts about creating a Telegram bot with Python and Django. People very often send me emails with questions related to Telegram, Chatbots and Python. Usually they finish my two part tutorial and have no idea how to move on in order to implement their specific idea. Answering those questions or even solving some particular problems takes time and energy.

That’s why I decided to release a book about creating a Telegram bot based on my experience. I have created two quite popular niche bots for Russian-speaking audience in my country — KitapBot and QinoBot. Besides those bots I also did some freelance job related to Telegram bots. All bots are written in Python and frameworks like Django, Bottle and Flask.

Having a good expertise in Python, Web and Telegram bots gives me an ability to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. Telegram is becoming very popular nowadays and it is time to learn it.

I just started writing my book, so I am eager to know if you have any ideas or topics which should be covered in the book. Please let me know in comments below or drop me a message on email.

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Approximate price for my ebook will be around $10-15, I think it is fair.